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Our world-leading timber-less cabinetry system ensures each caravan’s cabinetry remains the same as the day it left our factory.

The key difference with our caravans is you won’t find timber. Timber is problematic for three main reasons:
It absorbs water which is the main reason for rotting.
It’s a natural product and is not consistent in strength or density.
And wet timber causes an unpleasant smell inside caravans- which of course, isn’t ideal!


While the ZONE RV purpose built steel chassis is designed to be strong and lightweight, it’s also engineered to suit our unique build style and monocoque construction. Most importantly, it’s tailored to conquer Australia’s toughest terrains.

The key design element to our chassis is the single chassis rail (6-inch full-length rails accompanied by laser cut and CNC folded members) that runs from the front of the caravan to the rear of the caravan. We’ve eliminated the normal chassis structure that is found in conventional caravans, used to support plywood flooring. Instead, we use a 32mm infused fibreglass floor panel which is glued directly down onto the chassis. This creates a robust, singular structure and significantly reduces the weight of the chassis.


ZONE RV caravans are unique in the way our electrical wiring is done during the construction process. As opposed to the traditional building methods, our wiring is fitted behind the cabinet backs, prior to the walls being added to the caravan.

The benefit of this ‘inside out’ method allows us to fully test the electrical work before the walls and roof are in position-meaning any faults that show up during testing are much easier to rectify.

Down the track when customers want to upgrade any electrical features or need any services done, accessing the necessary wiring is easy, fast and far more efficient in a ZONE RV caravan, than having to remove a whole wall on a conventionally built caravan.

The plumbing is not too dissimilar, in that all water and gas pipework is installed with the ‘inside out’ method.

Protective shrouding over our plumbing, gas and electrical that is outside the caravan, ensures everything is well protected from stones and any other external impact.

Again, our customers are at an advantage when any gas and water pipes need checking, as although our plumbing is protected – it’s easily accessible.

Our preferred premium suppliers include John Guest for all our water fittings – so our customers have peace of mind knowing they’re in the hands of the industry best. for more information on our construction processes, watch out factory tour video on our YouTube channel.


ZONE RV’s marine heritage has inspired the use of genuine fiberglass composite panels for the walls, roof and floor in each caravan to create an extremely strong and lightweight structure. There are two types of panels we use – a solid core composite panel with fiberglass skins on either side to make up the walls and roof of the caravan, while the floor is a resin infused fiberglass panel with a high-density PET foam core. This technology used in our floor panels creates an incredibly strong structural backbone and is not too dissimilar to what can be found in a race yacht. This is the crux of the caravan’s strength.

The key difference with ZONE RV’s composite panels is the solid foam core construction. The body system is what is called ‘frameless’ as we also don’t use an aluminium frame. Which again, minimises weight. Each panel is CNC-machine cut using a computer-aided design (CAD), for absolute precision.


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Our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re in the hands of the industry’s best.


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There is a lot to consider when searching for the perfect RV. We have made life easier for you by putting together a collection of things you may need to consider when choosing the right RV for you.

Off-Road Series


Combining the upmost luxury with full off-road capabilities in each of its models

Venture Series


Venture further with the first premium touring and cross-terrain caravan built like an off-roader

Off-Road Series


The pinnacle in technology and luxury, experience the new Summit Series

Family Series


Luxury living on-the-road with the family is now possible with the ZONE RV Family Series

Expedition Series


The Zone RV Expedition Series takes camper trailer design to new innovative heights

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