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As a caravan manufacturer, it’s paramount that we are sending our customers out the gate with the confidence to tow safely. There’s been national concerns growing about caravanners not knowing their load weights or legal tow limits, with many on the road towing illegally. To help educate all caravanners and prevent any unnecessary swaying – or worst yet any accidents – we created this video to help show you what to look for when buying a van, how to tow safely and how to best prepare your tow vehicle for optimal performance with the expert help of Glen Hadden at Roo Systems.


Whether you intend on travelling off-road, semi-off-road or sticking to the bitumen, there are a number of safety factors all caravanners need to be aware of when buying a caravan, preparing their caravan for towing and also the modifications recommended for a safe towing vehicle. This video is a general overview, so please keep in mind there are many more ways to enhance your caravan, rig and skills to ensure you’re towing as safe as possible. Hit play on the video below to find out more.