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ZONE RV on display at Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow,
Brisbane 5 -10 June 2019. CLICK HERE Register your interest to meet us there.


The RV lifestyle is the epitome of a long awaited Aussie dream. Imagine a life where every day is a new adventure, amongst Australia’s most beautiful landscapes. Where you have more time to partake in leisure activities, make new like-minded friends and finally tick-off that bucket list. Relax while enjoying breathtaking views, discover new native wildlife, tantalise your tastebuds with local produce and spend more time doing what makes you happy. It’s time to enter the best time of your life, where there are no boundaries, the possibilities are endless and freedom is the norm. Welcome to the ZONE.


When you’re in the Zone, life is grand. It’s about buying the ultimate caravan, for the best time of your life. So why settle for less? Luxury living on the road is a reality with your ZONE RV. Let our customers tell you…

We recently picked up our Summit #269, we did a quick trip to clock up our km’s for our first service and iron out any issues. On the scheduled day of service it was raining heavily but the service department (Mark, Jackson, Gordon & Staff) were wonderful to deal with- knowledgeable, courteous, professional but the best bit was that they were friendly . From the time we placed our order to delivery and handover the staff at Zone RV have been great, everything is documented in detail, the handover is in depth and Marsha really knew her product. They also delivered on time. Thank you, we are very much looking forward to many years traveling in our Zone.

Mark & Janelle, Z-21.6 SUMMIT SERIES Off-Road Owners (NSW)

David and Matt – Thanks
We thought we would write and express our sincere appreciation and
thanks to all ZONE RV staff as the total experience in purchasing our
ZONE RV Venture Club has been exceptional.

ZONE RV have an unique and high quality product and without the right
people and good leadership throughout, these standards would never
have be realised.

We have admiration for you as leaders, good leadership
capability is hard to find in business , but it’s the most important
ingredient I believe that allows the right outcomes to be achieved, it’s
through that you deliver.

Success = quality leadership

Further, with your marine heritage, together with world-class innovation,
enthusiasm and passion, has certainly established a new benchmark
for caravan manufacturing standards in Australia which is quickly
gaining enormous credibility.

Although our initial contact was with Mick, we continued to receive all
the necessary communications through Masha, Carolyn, Jade and
other staff, Marsha was just outstanding and delivered a faultless
handover, further the Service Department made us a part of the Zone
family ( apologises forgot names) – they were very helpful.

After having our first service, we are now slowly West bound for Perth
which will be a leisurely drive over several months and most importantly
enjoying the comforts of our new ZONE RV Venture. Our purchase
alone has created great interest and I am sure this will materialise in
further business from the West.

Matt and David, thanks again for such an enjoyable experience and please
thank all your staff.
Kind regards – Colin and Vicky
Colin and Vicki, ZV-22.6-C VENTURE Owners (WA)

Our caravan story started more than a year ago.

We attended numerous caravan and camping shows and could not find what we wanted. It quickly became obvious that we required a custom-build. We were in search of an off-road van and didn’t want to feel boxed in, so decided on a slide-out to give that feel of space and comfort.

Most manufactures we spoke to said you can’t have a slide-out in an off-road van. My question was “why not”? We eventually found a manufacturer that would, so we paid our deposit and waited and waited. 3 months had passed with nothing and no phone calls returned or emails. We cancelled that build and found a large manufacturer who said they could do our build.

Again, that went pear-shape with the van getting longer than we wanted, the price going through the roof and service going south.

So again, we cancelled the build. We wanted what we wanted, and not what they want to give us.

Again, I started the search for a builder who could give us what we wanted and were prepared to pay for. I found Zone RV’s website and rang them. They were very helpful and said they could build me an off-road van with a slide-out.

After being burnt twice and hearing all the promises before, I decided the best thing to do was to fly from Western Australia to Coolum Beach QLD to check them out.

Karen and I spent the day with them and viewed their factory and build process. We were thoroughly impressed, the quality of their standard fixtures and fitting were the best, far exceeding what we had seen on other vans. The composite monocoque construction was light-weight, giving us the opportunity to spec up our van without the worry of weight restrictions.

We were looking for a van that was not going to date or look out of date, we wanted something that would give us years of service. The Zone RV has no timber in its construction, not even the cupboards and that appealed to me. The outer shell is hail resistant, again another plus.

We signed up while we were there and locked in a build date. Being the fussy person that I am and knowing exactly what I wanted, I requested and received all the build drawings as well as progress photos of the construction. I was amazed when I saw they had built the side-out to be flush fitting with the side of the van and not overlapping like other builders do. This was something I had not considered and could not believe the effort Matt and his team went to, to make this something special.

The van was completed and freighted to Perth. The wife and I are extremely happy and believe that after all the hassles we went through that we now have a better-quality van and for a substantial saving over the previous builder’s price.

We have just completed an 11-day trip and are amazed at the ease of set-up and pack-up compared to the off-road camper that we previously had. We are about to depart again for a 3-week trip, all being in preparation for next years’ big lap around the country.

I firmly believe if you’re not in the Zone, then you’re not in the future of caravanning.

Evan & Karen Young, Z-20.6 Off-Road Slide-Out Owners (WA)


A quick note to thank you and the Zone team for the fantastic experience in having our van designed, built and delivered.

From the very first contact with Zone RV, we have had an incredible journey. We were sent requested information within minutes, and you were always quick to respond to any queries we had. It was such a refreshing change for us after a bad experience with a different manufacturer and a deal we thought we did at a caravan show. Zone made us feel we were important, listened to our ideas and designed them into our caravan.

We had been looking and planning to upgrade our caravan for several years and had a clear idea of the van we wanted for our retirement. Our list of our likes and needs was a progression over this time

Once we got the specs from Zone we were amazed that all the extras we required in a caravan came standard in a Zone. There were standard inclusions we had never heard of, and now wouldn’t be without.  Prior to committing we toured the factory and met with the designers and builders and were very impressed with the build quality, innovation and attention to detail.

We are both tall, and wanted a full size mattress, without a bolster, and to be able to sit at the table without our knees overlapping. We wanted this and a full ensuite in the smallest possible caravan. The Zone 18’6” was by far the best layout we found and it was the ‘Zone ingenuity’ that made it possible.  We were able to make changes right up to the start of construction.

To have our perfect layout, all the options we considered necessary, the most technically advanced caravan, have experienced such a flawless sales and build process and for it to cost no more than similarly spec’d vans has been very  pleasing.

Our first major trip was through Central Australia.  The van was absolutely brilliant, was a breeze to tow and functioned perfectly.  We did encounter some minor problems.  One call to Zone and we had the van booked in for repairs and within one hour we were contacted by a component supplier who helped us resolve one of the problems.  The after sales service was exactly the same as the pre purchase experience and we could not recommend Zone RV highly enough.

Colin and Cheryl O’Reilly, Z-18.6 Off-Road Owners (NSW)

Zoners from left to right (picture above): Vicki, Bruce, Syd, Cheryl & Colin.


  • At ZONE RV, it’s not only our innovation that sets us apart, but also our truly unique customer network. We understand our customers are our ambassadors and we treat each and every one of them like family.

  • Our customers also experience safer travels by towing a lightweight caravan, due to our purpose-built chassis, composite panels and frameless structure designed to be strong and lightweight.

  • Only in a ZONE RV will you experience consistent room temperature due to our 100% insulated ‘Tufflite’ fiberglass composite panels (floor, roof and side panels). Each ZONE RV caravan is built without using any timber, because timber absorbs water and is the main reason for rotting (wet timber creates and unpleasant smell inside caravans). It’s also a natural product which creates inconsistency in strength and density. This is why you won’t find any timber in the ZONE RV factory.

  • The result? A lighter, stronger, smarter and safer caravan. Not to mention the sleek finish and unmistakable, unique design that has our customers proud to say `I’m in the ZONE`.


It all starts with a one-on-one consultation with our friendly sales manager to understand what it is you want out of your next caravan and what specific needs you have. We listen closely, while you share your vision for the ultimate caravan. You’re invited to book a visit to our manufacturing facility and take an exclusive tour to really immerse yourself in what it takes to get in the ZONE.

ZONE RV on display at Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow,
Brisbane 5 -10 June 2019. CLICK HERE Register your interest to meet us there.

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