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Thinking of purchasing a ZONE RV, but don’t know where to start? Our buyer’s guide has key thought-starters and links to help with your decision-making process:


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What is your tow vehicle? Your vehicle’s towing capabilities will determine which caravan you can purchase.


Knowing your intended travel purpose and how you like to travel will give you a firm grasp on what specifications your caravan must have.  For example, do you like to do remote travelling and stay for long periods at a time? Is free range camping your style? Or perhaps you only partake in short stays at holiday parks?

Asking yourself these questions will help you filter through each of the model specification sheets


Planning ahead is key for booking a ZONE RV build, because although the factory floor build time is 15 days, we’re usually booked out six months ahead. So if you’re planning a trip with your new caravan, please bear this in mind.


This will be determined by the towing capacity of your vehicle, then who you intend on caravanning with. Are you a young family wanting to travel with kids? Or are you travelling with your partner? These answers will help narrow down the right caravan for you.


Whether you’ve owned a number of caravans or this will be your first, ZONE RV will carry out an in-depth, one-on-one handover with you and your new caravan on pick-up day. The four-hour process ensures every inch of the caravan is explained in detail with you, so you feel confident driving away, knowing how to properly use your new ZONE RV. Our customers are also well-equipped with a ZONE RV owner’s manual to keep.


Do you intend on going off-road or just the odd corrugated road from time to time? Perhaps you prefer to only travel on bitumen roads? Knowing which roads you intend on driving on, or destinations you’d like to visit, will help you choose a caravan that best suits your needs and help you decipher between the Off-Road, Venture (semi-off road), Summit Series (carbon fibre), Family Series (bunk beds) and Expedition Series (hard bodied composite camper trailer).


Looking for a second opinion? See what the media and industry professionals think of our caravans:

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Once our customers pick up their caravan, the ZONE RV Service and Warranty team are always on-hand to answer any queries you have and encourage regular communication. Our comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty includes a nationwide network of service agents open seven days, so you can travel with peace of mind no matter where you go.


The interior style of your caravan is a reflection of your personality and can set the mood inside the van. While the interior design of your ZONE RV is customisable, we make it easy to decide by offering four interior choices – Oslo, Manhattan, Newport and Bannockburn. 









Where can I view ZONE RV’s caravans/ do you have any dealers?

ZONE RV prefers to concentrate on the full owner experience and have complete control over how our product is represented and communicated to customers. A large part of the ZONE RV owner experience comes during the sales process. As such, ZONE RV only build-to-order, direct from our manufacturing facility in Coolum Beach. This allows us to own the end-to-end customer experience, from research to purchase and the never-ending after-sale service.

How do I service my ZONE RV?

A comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty is a feature of every new ZONE RV caravan. With a nationwide service network, ZONE RV owners travel in confidence knowing they have back-up and support with a nearby service department open 7 days. The process for servicing your ZONE RV is easy. Simply contact ZONE RV first to let them know your location and the caravan service required. ZONE RV will then contact our closest service agent and notify them of your arrival and the work needed. Our warranty and service coordinator will liaise directly with our service agent to ensure the job is completed as efficiently as possible.

How do I repair my fiberglass caravan, in the unlikely event of an accident?

Please always contact ZONE RV in the case of an accident or an incident where damage has been done to your caravan. If you’re within close enough proximity to the ZONE RV facility, we recommend bringing your caravan to us for repair. If Coolum Beach isn’t an option, take your caravan to your closest fiberglass repair centre, like you would with a boat.

What are the benefits of having a caravan with solid foam core composite panels?

Each ZONE RV caravan is built with true fiberglass composite sandwich panels, used for the walls, roof and floor. The foam core found inside each panel has fantastic insulation properties to achieve consistent room temperature inside your ZONE RV. The true composite overall construction also creates an extremely strong and lightweight structure.

Why is there no timber in ZONE RV caravans?

Timber is problematic in caravans for a number of reasons. Timber absorbs water, which is the main reason for rotting – not to mention the unpleasant smell of wet timber inside the caravan! Even if a timber caravan has sealed cladding to prohibit water from entering, condensation plays a major part of moisture inside walls – especially while travelling in humid or freezing climates. As it’s a product of nature, timber is also inclined to be inconsistent in strength and density.

Why are ZONE RV caravans bonded together with polyurethane glue and not held together with screws and rivets?

Bonding is the best way to evenly spread a load over a connection. The bonding not only makes a structural connection but also creates a water proof join. Modern day manufacturing no longer involves the use of fasteners, screws and rivets, with this bonding technology found in the aviation, transport, marine and building industries.

Why does a ZONE RV have less steel elements in the chassis?

All ZONE RV caravans encompass one piece structural panels for its body (roof, floor and walls). These panels are engineered to span further distances without the same support that conventional plywood floors need. This is a major contributing factor as to why ZONE RV caravans are significantly lighter than competitors.

Why does ZONE RV use a RAPTOR coat instead of an alloy checker plate?

The RAPTOR coat is more scratch resistant and lighter than an alloy checker plate. The RAPTOR coat also acts as a final seal over all bonded areas to create a water and dust proof body structure.


ZF-20.6 Family Off-Road


ZF-22.6 Family Off-Road

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ZV-18.6 Venture Spec Sheet

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ZV-20.6 Venture Spec Sheet

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ZV-21.6 Venture Spec Sheet

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Z-18.6 Off-Road

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Z-20.6 Off-Road

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Z-21.6 Off-Road

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ZF-18.6 Family Off-Road

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ZF-22.6 Venture Family Spec Sheet

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ZF-20.6 Venture Family Spec Sheet

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ZV-17.0 Venture Spec Sheet

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Z-17.0 Off-Road

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