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It’s an envious task travelling the country on Australia’s most iconic roads and classifying it as work, but for the ZONE RV team it’s strictly research and development (R&D) for their premium product – so the bigger the challenge, the better. The latest R&D expedition, coined The Triple Crown Tour, saw ZONE RV Directors Matt Johns, David Biggar and their entourage which included ARB personnel, hightail it with their rigs and caravans from the west coast of Australia back to their headquarters in Coolum, via three of the country’s favourite roads – the Gibb River Road, Tanami Highway and Plenty Highway.

While these challenging roads have been conquered by many before them, the ZONE RV team managed to identify their own important learnings from their two-week R&D expedition as a result of towing a Z-16.6 Off-Road, a ZV-20.6 Venture and a Z-21.6 Off-Road (for a small portion of the trip) across the three roads mentioned, as well as to where others wouldn’t dream of taking a caravan, such as Mitchell Falls in the Kimberley Region (WA) and on top of Birdsville’s (QLD) Big Red Sand Dune, and are sharing all of their exclusive tips and tricks for free in a short YouTube documentary now available on their channel.

ZONE RV Sales and Marketing Director, Matt Johns, says the reputation of Australia’s outback lives up to its reputation for being relentless at times, with unforgiving corrugation, thick dust, deep water crossings, natural obstructions and scarce supplies, yet the roads provided the perfect conditions to really push their caravans and rigs to the absolute limit, which he isn’t shy of being honest about on camera.

“Everyone will have their own unique challenges travelling these popular tracks, even after doing their extensive research prior, but we can all agree there’s always more to learn for next time. We encountered some unpredictable obstacles, as well as common issues we were able to rectify with the help of our sponsors who supported our expedition – namely ARB, Hema Maps, Cel-Fi, Cruisemaster and Dometic – and we feel all caravaners and off-road enthusiasts can benefit from sharing in our experiences,” said Matt.

Aside from the technical knowledge to be gained for both the tow rig and caravan by watching the Triple Crown Tour, it’s easy to be captivated by the breathtaking scenery captured, impressed by the performance of the ZONE RV caravans, entertained by the humorous banter amongst the ZONE RV team, and most importantly inspired to hit the road and live off-grid in Australia’s outback.

Watch the full documentary of the Triple Crown Tour